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Easy internet shopping when you reserve online and then pick up from the store!

Shopping on the internet just got easier - you can now order online and pick up instore

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Ever wanted to shop online but hate waiting for delivery?

We list the online shops where you can order or reserve online and then go and pick it up from the shop!

This is a great way of shopping online - so you can make sure you're going to get what you want (One of the benefits of ordering online) and then you can go and fetch it straight away!

Bookmark our site now so you can be kept up to date with which stores allow you the best of both worlds - orderonlinepickupinstore.co.uk !

Reserving items online for collection in store means you guarantee getting what you're after, you save yourself any delivery charges, or having to wait in for delivery, and you can go and get items the same day!
All the luxury of shopping online and the convenience and instant gratification of going and picking items up from the shop!

Collecting your goodies from the shop is a great way of getting your stuff quickly - and reserving online ensures that its in stock when you get there!


Found a store we've not listed which allows you to order online and pick up from the store then please contact us and we'll send you a free gift if you are the first to tell us about this one!

This preordering online service is a great idea especially if you want to pick things up on your lunch hour the next day, or afte work - you can guarantee that the item will be there waiting for you.

Another reason why you might want to use the ordering online service is when something is quite low cost - then the delivery charge seems quite high for just one small item so it makes sense to go and pick it up yourself. Ensuring the item will be there when you arrive at the shop makes great sense! No more wasted journeys!


How to make sure you shop safely online

If you do decide to buy online instead of fetching things from the shop yourself then don't forget to look for the secure symbol on your browser to make sure when you give credit card details they will be secure.

secure symbol of padlock Look for the secure padlock symbol in the bottom right corner of the browser window. If you double click the symbol you'll get lopts of information about the security of the page.



Which stores offer online ordering and pick up in store?

Argos Check and Reserve
MyPixmaia pick up in store
Next - free delivery to store
PC World - Collect at Store
Currys Reserve and Collect
Bennetts Electricals Click and Collect
Jessops Collect at Store
John Lewis Collect at Store
Boots Collect at Store
B&Q Reserve & Collect

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